Cirrus Oxide is a studio in Oakland, CA designed for recording and producing music for film and television. It also serves as an excellent mixing room, with a digital/analog hybrid setup that includes a modular analog console built around a Purple Audio MFTwenty5 discrete analog summing mixer and a variety of 500 series preamps, EQs, and dynamics processors. Additional outboard gear by Daking, Shadow Hills Industries, Kush, TK-Audio, IGS Audio, TC Electronic, and Eventide can be utilized on stereo busses and effects sends. There is also a collection of modular and analog synths that can be used to process sounds or add additional flavors. The digital side features a Mac Pro loaded with Pro Tools, Logic, and a large library of plugins and virtual instruments by Universal Audio, Slate, Izotope, Brainworx,  Soundtoys, and more. Audio is converted via the highest quality Lynx converters.

Contact Chuck Johnson for mixing, overdub work (guitar, steel guitar, electronics) and collaboration. Marielle Jakobsons is also available for mixing and sound design projects. Her work can be heard on recordings by Date Palms, Myrmyr, Marielle V. Jakobsons, and in the Sims games.

The following tracks have been produced at Cirrus Oxide.

Listen to “Cloudface (Chuck Johnson Remix)” by Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society.

Listen to “Riga Black” by Chuck Johnson.

Listen to “Star Core” by Chuck Johnson.

Listen to “Velvet Arc” by Chuck Johnson.

Listen to “Mysterious” by Shark Quest – from the Monster Road soundtrack.

Listen to “Tragedy” by EFFT.

Listen to “Magic Hour” by Chuck Johnson – from the soundtrack to Road to Race Day.

Listen to “Friday Night” by Chuck Johnson – from the soundtrack to A Chef’s Life on PBS.