Cirrus Oxide is a studio in Oakland, CA designed for recording and producing music for film and television and for mixing and mastering recordings, with a digital/analog hybrid setup that includes a custom modular analog console built around a Purple Audio MFTwenty5 discrete analog summing mixer and a variety of 500 series preamps, EQs, and dynamics processors.

There is additional outboard gear by Manley, Daking, Shadow Hills Industries, Kush, TK-Audio, IGS Audio, TC Electronic, and Eventide. There is also a collection of modular and analog synths that can be used to process sounds or add additional flavors. A Studer A810 1/4″ 2-track tape machine is available for printing analog mixes. The digital side features a Mac Pro loaded with Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, Reaper, and a large library of plugins and virtual instruments by Universal Audio, Slate, Izotope, Brainworx,  Soundtoys, and more. Audio is converted via the highest quality Lynx converters. Monitoring by Barefoot and Dynaudio. Acoustic treatment by GIK Acoustics.

Unless other arrangements are made, all services are provided remotely and are unattended by the client.


$250 per song

Client provides multitrack session in Pro Tools, Logic, Reaper, or Ableton, minus any non-native plugins (or individually bounced audio tracks, each with the same exact start and end time.)  All individual track levels and balance will be set up in the DAW, with instrument groups or busses passed though the analog console and other outboard gear before printing as a stereo mix. Small noises/clicks/pops will be removed using audio repair software. The goal is to provide a final mix that has the glue and cohesion that makes it sound finished, and ready for mastering.

Stem mixing/mastering
$200 per song

Client provides pre-mixed stems bounced as high resolution stereo audio files. Stems are typically groupings of instruments – ie all guitars or all drums bounced as stereo file. This is an ideal workflow for clients who already have a firm idea of how they want the song to be balanced and leveled. In this scenario the work will be more focused on sweetening and adding color to the stereo stems by passing them through analog outboard gear and applying bus processing like EQ and compression and printed back into software as a stereo file. The processed stems can be printed and delivered individually as well.

Analog mixing
Additional $25 per song

As an optional add-on to either of the two services above, an analog mix will be printed to a Studer 1/4″ 2-track mastering tape machine, converted to digital and delivered as a stereo file. The client will receive two files for each mix: the analog and digital prints. A choice of high headroom/dynamic range tape (SM900) or lower headroom/more compressed tape (BASF 468) is available. Clients who want to receive the master tape are responsible for purchasing the tape, and will be responsible for a $200 setup fee for editing the master tape.

$50 per song under 10 minutes
$10 per minute for song over 10 minutes
$30 per song under 3 minutes

Mastering for vinyl, cassette, CD, or streaming via a set of dedicated analog and digital tools. Client provides high resolution stereo mixes that have not been normalized, limited, or heavily compressed and the fade ins and fade outs will have already been applied. Depending on the project, a flat setup fee may be required in addition to the per song mastering fee. Extensive editing and audio restoration/repair can be done for an additional hourly fee.

Overdubs (guitar, pedal steel guitar, synthesizer)
$250 per song

Client sends a rough mix of the song or composition, with as much detail as possible about what is wanted for the overdub. A high resolution audio file (mono or stereo, depending on the instrument) will be delivered with the same start and end times as the rough mix.

Additional Services (please inquire)

Test pressing evaluation, audio restoration and repair, analog tape transfer and digitization, audio editing and sound design for film and television.

For licensing or commissioning music for film, television or other use, please contact