Chuck Johnson
“What A Friend We Have In Jesus” On Day Before Yesterday compilation CD (American Primitive) 1999
“Duet” With Marc Faris On Transmissions Oo1 (Transmissions/ WXYC) 1999
“For Twelve Guitars” – On Transmissions Oo2 (Transmissions) 2000
“Closing Credits” On And To The Disciples That Remain compilation CD (Amish) 2006
“A Struggle, Not A Thought” On Beyond Berkeley Guitar compilation CD (Tompkins Square) 2010
A Struggle Not A Thought LP/CD (Strange Attractors Audio House) 2011
Crows In The Basilica LP (Three Lobed Recordings) 2013
“On a Slow Passing in a Ghost Town” on Imaginational Anthem Vol 7 (Tompkins Square) 2015
Blood Moon Boulder LP (Scissor Tail Editions) 2015
Velvet Arc LP (Trouble in Mind) 2016
“Mastic” on The Hired Hands: A Tribute to Bruce Langhorne (Scissor Tail Editions) 2017
Balsams LP (VDSQ) 2017

Charles Johnson And Zachary James Watkins
Meet Me By The Pleroma / Suite For String Quartet Split CD (60Hurts) 2009

Idyll Swords
Idyll Swords CD (Communion) 1999
Idyll Swords II CD (Communion) 2000
Purposeful Availment CD/Ep 2002 (Threelobed Recordings) – Available From Midheaven

Shark Quest
“Lala” On Survive And Advance Volume 2 compilation CD (Merge) 2003
Gods And Devils CD (Merge) 2004
“Open Season” On Bandwidth compilation (WXYC) 2004
“Dancing Tooth” On Oh Merge compilation CD (Merge) 2004
“Sin The Moon” On Heard Together: Songs From North Carolina compilation CD (Unc – Available Through Merge) 2004
“Tibicen Malachisi” On Compulation Volume 2 CD (Pox) 2005

Over Hylaster CD-R (Cirrus Oxide) 2004
“Prelude In E Minor, Opus 28 No. 4” On Homemade Covers CD-R Comp 2006
Southern Man + Pykrete No More Love To Give CD (Phaserprone) 2006
Liber Novus 2x LP (Frequenc) 2010

Micro-East Collective
Fabric CD (Umbrella) 2001

“At The End Of The Day” On CD Accompanying Badaboom Gramaphone Magazine 1997
Solo Guitar CD (Amish) 1999
“Dendrite” On Zaum compilation CD (Dead Ceo) 1999
“Free Infusion Across The Blood-Brain Barrier” On Transmissions Oo1 compilation CD (Transmissions/ WXYC) 1999

The Stray Sod (Amy Wilkinson And Chuck Johnson)
“Fairy Tale” On I Can’t Get That Evil Wiener Song Out Of My Head compilation (Hypno-Vista) 2002

“Duct” On Zaum compilation CD (Dead Ceo) 1999

“Break” And “Your Heart’s Cold” From Split 7-Inch With Evil Weiner (Stay Free) 1993
“Dinghy” On A Day In The Park compilation Lp/CD (Now Sound) 1994
“Pachinko” From Split 7-Inch With Tinsel (Over The Counter/ Load) 1994
“Radio Helmet” 7-Inch (Now Sound) 1994
Even The Thorny Acacia CD (Jesus Christ) 1994
“Distance Of The Moon” On Follow The Bouncing Ball compilation CD (Badabing) 1995
“Slipjoint” On Cognitive Mapping Vol. 2 compilation CD (Friction Media) 1995
Medium Planers And Matchers CD (Jesus Christ) 1995
Under The Veil Of Health Lp/CD (Squealer Music) 1996
“Three-Legged Dog” On CD Accompanying Chunklet Magazine 1997
Despina By Land CD (Squealer Music) 1998

Guest Appearances
Superchunk – Clambakes Vol. 2 – A Page Of Madness (Available From Merge) 2003