2/27/2012 Jozef Van Wissem, Chuck Johnson, Diego Gonzalez @ St John’s Episcopal Church SF – 1661 15th St., San Francisco, CA

3/2/2012 Chuck Johnson, The Lotus Moons, Super Natural – First Friday Concert – First Presbyterian Church of Oakland

3/20/2012 Willie Winant Percussion Group, Blood Wedding, Etrick, Hora Flora – Amnesia, San Francisco, CA

3/30/2012 Bill Orcutt, Chuck Johnson, Derek Monypeny, Randy Lee Sutherland/Patrick Mullins duo – Life Changing Ministries 1629 8th St. (@ Peralta) Oakland, CA

5/3/2012 Blood Wedding, Fezant, Stratic @Hemlock Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco

5/28/2012 Chuck Johnson, Derek Monypeny, Dewey Mahood @ Townshends Tea, Portland OR

5/29/2012 Chuck Johnson with Old Light @ Bunk Bunk Bar Portland OR

6/20/2012 Chuck Johnson, Andrew Weathers Ensemble, Jacob Peck @ Subterrannean Arthouse, Berkeley CA

7/22/2012 Chuck Johnson performs in Ashley Bellouin’s “Hummen” @ Liminal Space, Oakland, CA 

8/13/2012 Chuck Johnson, Mutual Aid Project Trio@ Berkeley Arts Festival, Berkeley, CA

8/26/2012 Chuck Johnson opening for Fred Frith’s Gravity @ Slims San Francisco

9/1/2012 Chuck Johnson @ All Day Records – Carrbroro, NC

9/6/2012 Chuck Johnson, William Tyler, Steve Gunn @ Harvest Records Asheville, NC

9/7/2012 Chuck Johnson, Bill Orcutt, Chris Forsyth Koen Holtkamp duo, Julia Holter @ Hopscotch Music Festival Long View Center,  Raleigh, NC

9/7/2012 Chuck Johnson @ Threelobed/ WXDU Day Show (Hopscotch) Kings Barcade Raleigh NC

9/10/2012 Chuck Johnson @ San Francisco Electronic Music Festival

10/7/2012 Chuck Johnson @ Heavy Discipline series Good Bellies Cafe, Oakland CA

11/11/2012 Jack O’ The Clock and Chuck Johnson @ Red Rock Coffee – Mountain View, CA


January 4 – Chuck Johnson in-store – All Day Records (Carrboro, NC)

January 6 – Chuck Johnson, Ezekiel Graves, Savage Knights, Neill Prewitt – Nightlight (Chapel Hill, NC)

10/22/11 – @ Mindgaze Hut (Oakland, CA) with Arborea, Sean Smith
11/11/11 – @ All Day Records (Carrboro, NC) with Ezekiel Graves
11/12/11 – @ The Cherch (Washington, DC)
11/13/11 – @ Zebulon (Brooklyn, NY) with Trevor Healy, Ezekiel Healy
11/14/11 – @ ZuZu (Cambridge, MA) with Better Pills, Raymond Morin
11/15/11 – @ Healy Guitars (Easthampton, MA) with Trevor Healy, Raymond Morin
11/16/11 – @ The Spotty Dog (Hudson, NY) with Raymond Morin, Trevor Healy
11/17/11 – @ Highwire Gallery (Philadelphia, PA) with Eric Carbonara and Jesse Spearhawk, Trevor Healy, Frankzig
11/18/11 – @ Mr. Roboto Project (Pittsburgh, PA) with Pairdown, Mike Fekete, Trevor Healy, Host Skull
11/19/11 – @ Red Room (Baltimore, MD) with Asa Osborne (Lungfish, Zomes) and Andy Hayleck
11/20/11 – @ Nightlight (Chapel Hill, NC) with Fan Modine
11/27/11 – @ Subterranean Arthouse (Berkeley, CA) – with Alexander Turnquist
12/9/11 – @ CUNY Hunter College – Speaking at the “Radical Aestehtics and Politics” Conference
12/10/11 – @ 319 Scholes (Brooklyn) – Keith Fullerton Whitman, Ben Vida, Chuck Johnson and Philip White Duo


Jan 7 – Johnson-O’Brien-Rivero trio – Luggage Store (San Francisco)

Jan 22 – Screening of “No Deposit, No Return Blues” (Sandy Bull documentary by KC Bull) with Chuck Johnson, Talibam!, Careerers – 21 Grand (Oakland, CA)

Feb 27 – Chuck Johnson, Jacob Zimmerman’s “Lawson” – Oakopolis (Oakland, CA)

March 9 – Johnson/Phillips/Glenn trio at Active Music Series – The Uptown (Oakland, CA)

March 27 – Chuck Johnson solo guitar, Dominique Leone, Wiener Kids – BlueSix (San Francisco)

April 22 – John Bischoff + James Fei Duo, Pykrete, Alex Vittum – The LAB (San Francisco)

May 8 – Tatsuya Nakatani/Jacob Felix Heule/Jordan Glenn (percussion trio), Pykrete, Anti-Ear, Styofoam Sanchez – Totally Intense Fractal Mindgaze Hut (Oakland, CA)

June 13 – Pykrete at the Olympia Experimental Music Festival (Olympia, WA)

June 14 – Pykrete, Danishta Rivero, Andrew Senna – Gallery 1412 (Seattle, WA)

June 15 – Pykrete, Mangled Bohemians, Danishta Rivero – The Wail (Portland, OR)

June 24 – Chuck Johnson, Danny Paul Grody, Trevor Healy – Adobe Books (San Francisco)

June 29 – “Beyond Berkeley Guitar” CD release show with Chuck Johnson, Sean Smith, Ava Mendoza, Rich Osborn – Amnesia (San Francisco)

July 3 – Kodachrome Music (Aram Shelton, Ben Goldberg, Alex Vittum), Pinhead (Chuck Johnson, Noah Phillips, Jordan Glenn), Shudder – 21 Grand (Oakland, CA)

July 6 – Chuck Johnson solo guitar, Kapowski, Sunday Ghost – Ivy Room (Albany, CA)

July 18 – Chuck Johnson solo guitar, Zeke Graves, Caboladies – All Day Records (Carrbroro, NC)

July 20 – Pykrete, Kinoeye, Peter Blasser, Neill Prewitt, DJ NST Boots – The Bank (Baltimore, MD)

July 22 – Pykrete, Kinoeye, Inner Gaze, Neill Prewitt, DJ NST Boots – Port d’Or (Brooklyn, NY)

July 23 – Pykrete, Kinoeye, Neill Prewitt, DJ NST Boots – The Cherch (Washington DC)

July 24  – Pykrete “Liber Novus” record release party with Kinoeye, Neill Prewitt, DJ NST Boots – Nightlight (Chapel Hill, NC)

August 17 – Greg Davis, Chuck Johnson, Aures, Tashi Wada – Mindgaze Hut (Oakland)

September 4 – Chuck Johnson, Fights Monsters, Luke Selden, Sarah Howe – Central California Experimental Media Society – Tokyo Garden (Fresno, CA)

September 26 – Chuck Johnson solo guitar set at Invisible Ocean (Camptonville, CA)

November 10 – Chuck Johnson solo guitar, Bird Fled From Me, Jesse Phillips, Hannah Moriah – Ivy Room (Albany, CA)

November 20 – Handmade Guitar Showcase with Trevor Healy, Tim Frick, Chuck Johnson, Adria Otte with April Haley, Meridians, and Sean Smith – Medicine Buddha Temple (San Francisco, CA)

December 4 – Meridians, Chuck Johnson, Believer – Mindgaze Hut (Oakland, CA)


Jan 9 – Pykrete, Ethan Clauset, Bicameral Mind, Joe Hendrix, Subscpae Annex – 919Noise Collective Showcase – Nightlight (Chapel Hill, NC)

Jan 19 – Porest, Liz Albee, Johnson-Phillips-Glenn trio – Gaza Relief Benefit – Totally Intense Fractal Mindgaze Hut – 671 24th S (Oakland, CA)

March 14 – Premiere of Charles Johnson’s Meet me by the pleroma (for violin, long string duochord, slentem pelog, and electronics) at the Signal Flow Festival – Mills College (Oakland, CA)

July 2- Performance of Meet me by the pleroma, plus Chad and Curtis McKinney and trio of Chris Brown, Willie Winant and Tom Nunn at the LAB (San Francisco, CA)

Aug 29 -Pykrete, Chen Santa Maria, 7-bit Hydra, Laces – 21 Grand (Oakland, CA)

Sept 14 – Chuck Johnson solo guitar, Tastyville, Agnes Szelag, SEP – Ivy Room (Albany, CA)

Thursday Sept 24 8PM – Music for People and Thingamajigs – Meridian Gallery, 535 Powell Street, SF $15 general/ $10 students
John Bischoff –
Charles Johnson – ensemble piece “Meet me by the pleroma” –
Open Graves/Tide Tables (Paul Kikuchi, Jesse Olsen, and Alex Vittum) –

Sunday September 27 – Brutal SFX Festival #64 8pm, $6-10 – 21 Grand, 416 25th St. (at Broadway) Oakland
The latest installment of the ongoing Brutal SFX series of short sets by musicians that fall into the much-expanded genre of noise, which can sometimes be at low to moderate volume and occasionally mellifluous and melodic. Performing tonight are: Chris Brown (Mills College faculty), Punto Pig and Galin_dog (Mexico), Cliff Caruthers, Critical Monkey, Take Up Serpents, Chuck Johnson and Seth Horvitz, and MEPHITIC OOZE.

Tuesday Sept 29 8PM – at Flux53 – 5300-5312 Foothill Boulevard Oakland $10
Tim Feeney, Vic Rawlings, James Fei, Ken Ueno
Pykrete (Chuck Johnson solo electronics)

October 21 – Tom Djll, Zachary James Watkins, Chuck Johnson – The Old Massage Parlor  (Santa Cruz, CA)

October 31 – Jozef van Wissem, Jim Haynes, Gregg Kowalski, James Fei+Chuck Johnson duo – Totally Intense Fractal Mindgaze Hut  (Oakland, CA)

November 11 – Chuck Johnson, Philip White, Suzanne Thorpe at Diapason Gallery  (Brooklyn, NY)

November 21 – powerdove and Chuck Johnson (solo acoustic guitar) at the Book Zoo (Oakland, CA)

December 1 – Lovage Sharrock and Chuck Johnson – Woulds Gallery (Oakland, CA)

December 5 – Chuck Johnson/Seth Horvitz duo, Darwinsbitch, Joshua Clayton, Ben Bracken at Ice on High – Pacific Basin Building (Berkeley, CA)

December 30 – Chuck Johnson, Chuck Johnson solo acoustic, Phil Blank/Jordan Huchinson klezmer duo, Crowmeat Bob’s “Nervous Creep”, DJ Nasty Boots – Nightlight  (Chapel Hill, NC)


Jan 5 – FrequeNC holiday party – Dom Flemons (from the Carolina Chocolate Drops), Chuck Johnson (steel guitar and electronics) and Robert Biggers (drums), DJ Jason Perlmutter, and more – Nightlight (Chapel Hill, NC)

Jan 7 – Betsey Biggs, Suzanne Thorpe and Chuck Johnson – ParisLondonWestNile (Williamsburg, NY)

Jan 11 – Duo of Pauline Oliveros and Miya Masaoka with CC3 (trio of Pauline Oliveros, Suzanne Thorpe and Chuck Johnson) – Renee Weiler Concert Hall, Greenwich House Arts (New York)

March 15 – Pykrete with Phroq, Sixes, Darwinsbitch, and Carrion at Totally Intense Fractal Mindgaze Hut – 671 24th St (Oakland, CA)

March 20 – Pykrete (Chuck Johnson solo electronics) with Chen Santa Maria at Luggage Store Gallery New Music Series – Luggage Store (San Francisco, CA)

March 30 – Pykrete at Godwaffle Noise Pancakes – 110 Capp St. (San Francisco, CA)

May 31 – from 8 – 9PM Ayako Kataoka, Chuck Johnson, and Suzanne Thorpe perform live on KFJC as part of the 24-Hour Drone. Here is the complete schedule:

12:AM – Flourescent Grey, Nommo Ogo, Dimentia
01:AM – Phillip Ringler, Aaron Emery
02:AM – Build128, Reverend Micah
03:AM – Exillon, Eustachian
04:AM – Barry Threw
05:AM – Sarah E Palmer, Elery Royston
06:AM – Travis Johns
07:AM – Pink Canoes
08:AM – Patrice Scanlon, Yoko Solo, Ben Sandoval, Mochipet
09:AM – Hydrogen Pellets, Amphibious Gestures
10:AM – Phillip Greenlief
11:AM – Nux Vomica
12:PM – Gregg Kowalski, Ben Bracken, Marielle Jakobsons
01:PM – Mr. Harbour, LS-TTL
02:PM – Die Elektrischen, Anon Day, Dan Voss, Sote
03:PM – Polyglot Horde (aka Anti-Ear, Sharkiface, Loachfillet, Core Ogg: The Coalman, Take Up Serpents)
04:PM – irr. app. (ext.), RKF, Xambuca
05:PM – Robert Rich
06:PM – Dokuro (aka Agnes Szelag, The Norman Conquest)
07:PM – Beytah
08:PM – Ayako Kataoka, Suzanne Thorpe, Chuck Johnson
09:PM – Joshua Churchill, Hana Lee, Andy Way
10:PM – Zachary Watkins
11:PM – The Norman Conquest, Preshish Moments, Travis Johns

June 18 – Chuck Johnson and Philip White electronics duo, with Jason Brogan at the College of Charleston Communications Museum – Charleston, SC

July 8 – Pykrete with Boyzone and High Castle – Chapel Hill, NC

Sept 11 – Pykrete with +DOG+ at Luggage Store Gallery New Music Series – Luggage Store (San Francisco, CA)

Sept 30 – D2 Affinity (duo of Suzanne Thorpe and Chuck Johnson) open for My Bloody Valentine – Concourse (San Francisco, CA)

Nov 8 – Keith Rowe and an ensemble of Mills music grads (including Chuck Johnson) present Cornelius Cardew’s The Tiger’s Mind – Lisser Hall, Mills College (Oakland)


The Nein (with Chuck Johnson on electronics and guitar):

Jan 13 2007 8:00P – The Flatiron Greensboro, North Carolina
Jan 14 2007 8:00P – The Grey Eagle Asheville, North Carolina
Jan 19 2007 8:00P – Lenny’s Atlanta, Georgia
Jan 20 2007 8:00P – Crowbar Tampa, Florida
Jan 26 2007 8:00P – The Jinx Savannah, Georgia
Jan 27 2007 8:00P – The Milestone Charlotte, North Carolina
Feb 3 2007 8:00P – Kings Barcade Raleigh, North Carolina
March 16 2007 – Local 506 with Sorry About Dresden and Maple Stave – Chapel Hill, NC
March 17 2007 – Bella Festa with Sorry About Dresden – Wilmington, NC

March 3 – Pykrete Percussion Unit plays the Nightlight 4-year Anniversary Party with Southern Man and Boyzone (Chapel Hill, NC)

April 14 – Oh My God I Just Had the Most Amazing Year (Chuck Johnson and Ryan Martin) at DuoFest – Bull City Headquarters (Durham, NC)

April 21 – Chuck Johnson’s electronic composition Stalwart cercle, wavering canton premieres at the Signal and Noise Festival (Vancouver)

April 27 – The Nein opening for Negativland – Cats Cradle (Carrboro, NC)

April 28 – Pykrete Percussion Unit at Signal Fest (FrequeNC showcase) – Nightlight (Chapel Hill, NC)

May 4 – Chuck Johnson at Burly Time Records CD Release Party with Bowerbirds, Horseback, Mountain Goats, et al – 305 South (Durham, NC)

May 16 – Pykrete Percussion Unit with Tussle and DJ Nasty Boots – Local 506 (Chapel Hill, NC)

May 31 – The Nein with Maple Stave – Bull City HQ (Durham, NC)

June 1 – Mahasamatman with Woody Sullender – Nightlight (Chapel Hill, NC)

June 30 – Mahasamatman and Le Weekend – Bull City HQ (Durham, NC)

JULY 21 – Chuck Johnson’s hasta luego party at the Big House with DJ Nasy Boots, DJ Juan Velcro,DJ Admit It, DATAHATA, more… – Durham, NC

November 2 – Chuck Johnson performs with Monique Buzzarté in Pauline Oliveros’ “Red Shifs” at the 2007 Festival of New American Music – Sacramento, CA

November 3 – Pauline Oliveros, Suzanne Thorpe, and Chuck Johnson – Chapel of the Chimes (Oakland)

November 21 – Chuck Johnson performs with Mills music and dance grads in Soundance collaboration – 21 Grand (Oakland)

November 30 – Duo of Aurora Josephson (voice) and Charity Chan (piano), solo set by Saed Muhssin (oud) and duo of Chuck Johnson (steel guitar, electronics) and Jordan Glenn (percussion) – 1510 8th St Performance Space (Oakland)

December 8 – “Composition and Improvisation” – presented by Roscoe Mitchell’s graduate Composition Seminar at Mills College – Lisser Hall (Oakland)

December 12 – Mills College graduate Computer Music Seminar class concert – Recombinant Media Labs (San Francisco)

December 29 – Nightlight Benefit show with Mahasamatman, Max Indian, Des_Ark – Nightlight (Chapel Hill)


Feb 10 – Oh My God I Just Had The Most Amazing Year, Cantwell Gomez and Jordan, Orthrelm – Wetlands Dance Hall (Chapel Hill)

March 5 – Esperanto Bat (Ethan Clauset, Randy Pelosi, Jane Allen, Mark Griffith, Chuck Johnson) with a Puppet Show (?!)- The Cave (Chapel Hill, NC)

March 31 – Pykrete at Workshop Dance Party with $Tinkworx and more…

April 7 – 5PM! Oh My God I Just Had The Most Amazing Year (Pykrete/Boyzone collab) at CDAlley (Chapel Hill, NC)

April 10 – Pykrete, Cantwell Gomez and Jordan, Des Ark, and A New Dawn Fades at 305 South (Durham, NC)

April 12 – Oh My God I Just Had The Most Amazing Year (Pykrete/Boyzone collab) with Fursaxa, Jack Rose at Duke Coffeehouse (Durham, NC

May 19 – Chuck Johnson provides music for dance/multimedia collaboration piece Available for Lease at Soundscape Movement Festival – Local 506 (Chapel Hill, NC)

May 28 – Esperanto Bat, Excepter, DJ Admit It at Nightlight (Chapel Hill, NC)

June 10 – Tripwire Trio, Hem of His Garment – Kings (Raleigh, NC)

June 23 – Pykrete, Datahata, DJ Admit It, Natasha, and more at FreqFest – Nightlight (Chapel Hill, NC)

Aug 18 – Chuck Johnson and Robert Biggers duo at Recess – Nightlight (Chapel Hill, NC)

Sept 15 – Donna Parker, Pykrete, et al – Nightlight (Chapel Hill, NC)

Sept 24 – Chuck Johnson, Phil Blank, April McGreger, Allison Zirkel acoustic set at OCSC Anniversary Party (Carrboro, NC)

Sept 29 – The Nein EP Release Party at Duke Coffeehouse (Durham, NC)

Oct 20 – The Nein with Black Taj – WXYC Backyard Barbecue show at Local 506 (Chapel Hill, NC)

Oct 22 – Chuck Johnson performs in “Harmony Mills Mandala: Spindle Threads of Sonic llumination” – Caterina De Re’s MFA thesis performance at Harmony Mills (Cohoes, New York)

Nov 10 – Chuck Johnson with Charalambides and Josephine Foster – Nightlight (Chapel Hill, NC)

Dec 10-20 – The Nein on tour of the Midwest U.S. and Canada:

12/10: Columbus, OH–Bernie’s
12/11: Cleveland, OH– beachland ballroom 9pm
12/12: Chicago, IL–The Note
12/13: Lansing, MI–Mac’s Bar
12/14: Windsor, ON–Phog Lounge
12/15: Toronto, ON–Sneaky Dee’s
12/16: Hamilton, ON–Casbah
12/17: Waterloo, ON–Starlight
12/18: Ottawa, ON–End Hits
12/19: Boston, MA–Middle East
12/20: NYC–Cakeshop


Feb 5 – the FrequeNC Sound System -featuring Pykrete, Cold Sides, and DJ’s Mothersbrothers – 20 Jay St. #209 (DUMBO, Brooklyn)

Feb 11 – FrequeNC Sound System returns to NC for a party at Nightlight

Feb 13 – Chuck Johnson solo guitar set opening for Hotel Motel – The Cave (Chapel Hill, NC)

Feb 25 – Fan Modine perfoming at Either/Or: A Celebration of the Music & Life of Elliott Smith along with Chris Stamey, Kaia Wilson, Ivan Rosebud from the Rosebuds, Erie Choir, Street Green, Billy Sugarfix, The Feeble Hex, Hotel Lights, Ben Davis & more… Cat’s Cradle – (Carrboro, NC)

March 4 – Pykrete opening for Jett Rink – Martin Street Music Hall (Raleigh, NC)

March 12 – Pykrete with Jett Rink, Mowing Lawns, Black Widow, DJ’s Admit It, Misty Touch, and Monorchid Orchestra at the Nightlight 2-Year Anniversary Party (Chapel HIll, NC)

March 30 – Chuck Johnson solo guitar set with Sharron Kraus and Caleb Stine at Nightlight

April 15 – Fan Modine with The Rosebuds at the Duke Coffeehouse

May 7 – Fan Modine with Mowing Lawns at Wetlands (Chapel Hill, NC)

May 14 – Pykrete at No Future Festival – Nightlight (Chapel Hill, NC)

June 18 – Pykrete opening for The Nein – Local 506 (Chapel Hill, NC)

July 16 – Pykrete with Can’t, Jason Crumer, DJ’s Mothersbrothers at Ryan’s birthday party – Nightlight (Chapel Hill, NC)

Aug 24 – Pykrete is a late addition to D. Cantwell’s Pocketful of Experimetal Delights showcase at the Troika Festival (Jo & Jo’s – Durham, NC)


July 31 – Shark Quest at the Merge 15th Anniversary – Cat’s Cradle (Carrboro, NC)

Aug 14 – Tripwire Trio (Chuck Johnson, Chris Eubank, Crowmeat Bob) – Red Room (Baltimore, MD)

Sept 3- Shark Quest CD release show with Des_Ark and Billy Sugarfix – Local 506 (Chapel Hill)

September – Shark Quest touring in support of new Merge Records release Gods and Devils

November 3 – Pykrete w/ Planecrash and Anti:clockwise – Nightlight (Chapel Hill, NC)

November – Fan Modine on tour with Andrew Bird

Nov 8 – Johnny D’s (Somerville, M)

Nov 9 – Southpaw (Brooklyn, NY)

Nov 10 – North Star Bar (Philadelphia, PA)

November 13 – Shark Quest – Ooh La Latte (Durham, NC)

November 17 – Shark Quest w/ Shallow Be Thy Name – The Cave (Chapel Hill, NC)