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VDSQ Announces new solo LP “The Cinder Grove”

The Cinder Grove by Chuck Johnson Pre-order The Cinder Grove The follow-up to Johnson’s acclaimed Balsams LP, The Cinder Grove delves further into the compositional possibilities of the pedal steel…
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“Rain Shadow” LP reviewed at Pitchfork

Original article here. Golden RetrieverChuck Johnson Rain Shadow Jonathan Sielaff, Matt Carlson, and Chuck Johnson share an apparent aversion to sharp edges and hard surfaces. For more than a decade, Sielaff and…
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Thrill Jockey announces Golden Retriever and Chuck Johnson collaborative LP

Pre-order available here. Golden Retriever and Chuck Johnson are artists unified by their ability to build entire ecosystems of sound. As Golden Retriever, bass clarinetist Jonathan Sielaff and synthesist Matt…
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